2021/07/25 (Sun)

4th Single BLACK CHAPTER Pre-order開始 早期予約キャンペーン開催!

4th Single 「BLACK CHAPTER」

本日よりiTunes StoreにてPre-order START!


予約注文をしてご応募頂いた方全員に『BLACK CHAPTER 世界最速先行視聴権』



1.iTunes store含む配信サイトにて「BLACK CHAPTER」通常盤、またInstumental盤を予約注文。







Twitter @_thedesperado

Instagram @official_the_desperado

BLACK CHAPTER 世界最速先行視聴権』は7/29 20:00~ 7/31 :23:59迄の公開となります。


4th Single "BLACK CHAPTER"

Pre-order START at iTunes Store from today!

Also, an early reservation double campaign has started!

"BLACK CHAPTER World's Fastest Advance Viewing Right" for all applicants who made a pre-order

In addition, 3 people will be given an "original can badge" by lottery from those who applied!

[How to apply] Please apply from Twitter or Instagram.

1. Pre-order the "BLACK CHAPTER" regular edition and the Intumental edition from the distribution site including the iTunes store.

2. Post a screenshot of the purchase completion screen on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag "#BL reservation application".

3. After the end of the application period, July 28th (Friday), we will inform all applicants of the viewing URL by direct message from the official account.

Also, if you reserve the regular edition + Instumental edition, you will receive an undisclosed photo card + can badge for everyone!

* This benefit is available only in Japan.

<Notes> Please be sure to read.

Please follow the official account so that you can send and receive direct messages.

Twitter @_thedesperado

Instagram @official_the_desperado

BLACK CHAPTER World's Fastest Advance Viewing Right ”will be released from 7/29 20:00 to 7/31: 23:59.

If you have a private account, please apply for the campaign after setting it to public. Because the tweet is not displayed even if you search the campaign hashtag.